WiFi Controllers

Automatic Irrigation Design offers smart technology that allows you to control your irrigation system from anywhere using your phone, tablet or laptop.  The app enables you to set your watering time and operate multiple zones with the touch of a button.

Additional features include:

  • Water and climate monitoring alerts
  • Automatic system adjustments
  • Compilation of water history

SmartLine Benefits

The benefits of a SmartLine Rain Sensor include:

  • Lowers your water costs
  • Sets off your sprinkler only when your landscape needs water
  • Sustains a healthier lawn & landscape
  • Operates automatically
  • Pays for itself in 12 months
  • Saves thousands of gallons of water

A green technology stipulation is already in effect in many water districts, with the requirement continuously expanding to additional areas.  Our customer-service team is adept at processing the necessary paperwork and working to meet the standards of each water district.

Going Green

Green technology has removed the guesswork from operating your irrigation system.  It regulates the watering schedule based upon the weather, without manual intervention. SmartLine weather clock and sensor conserves water and saves money, supporting you and the environment simultaneously.

Our clients are busy with work, family and travel.  Green technology adapts to seasonal changes and complies with local watering restrictions, without their oversight, freeing their time and alleviating additional responsibility.



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