Since 1958, Automatic Irrigation Design has installed more than 40,000 residential systems. Our team of trained, courteous service mechanics are equipped with the highest quality equipment and techniques to support installation and servicing of your property. We partner with clients throughout the tri-state area, from first time homes to large estates. With many years of experience, our technicians have the capability to service your older irrigation system

Our customer service team provides the highest quality care to all of our clients.  Our 24 hour service line is available to address any immediate needs and accommodate your schedule. When you call our office, you will speak with a live person, who will treat you with the utmost respect for your time and home. When you meet with our service mechanics, they will take the time to explain your system and all of its features.


Take back your time and end the ongoing tiresome job of lawn watering, with the installation of an irrigation system. Enjoy a lush lawn and beautiful garden, while removing your personal effort.

Custom designed in-ground lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems guarantee your landscaping will receive consistent, proper hydration, at the optimal time of day, for maximum results. A well cared for lawn and garden, with precise irrigation design, creates a well nourished root system. Your property will be better equipped to manage weeds, pests, disease and damage, thus keeping your landscape beautiful and your maintenance costs down.

Automatic Irrigation Design’s in-ground sprinkler system installations are designed and installed to require minimal service. The normal services required, including winterizing, summerizing and occasional adjustments, will be executed by our trained, courteous service mechanics.


Conservation of water and cost are of the utmost importance during the design and installation of your in-ground irrigation system.  We plan with careful attention to eliminate water waste and over watering. Your lawn and garden’s watering needs will be efficiently met, while minimizing your household investment.

Additional services include:

  • Installation and servicing of sprinkler pumps and wells
  • Installation of preventive landscape drainage solutions


While providing convenience and enhancing the beauty of your lawn and garden, an in-ground irrigation system also adds to the value of your home.  Like any permanent home improvement, your investment will improve both the look and worth of your property.



How can we support your irrigation system and Landscape Lighting needs?

Fill-in the form below and our customer service team will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a complimentary consultation for a new system or seasonal servicing appointment.  We look forward to meeting with you!

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