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Residential Irrigation Commercial Irrigation


For over fifty years, residential and commercial properties have depended upon Automatic Irrigation Design for quality, dependability, and efficient service in lawn sprinkler installation. This has made us the leading intaller of lawn sprinkler systems in the New York, tri-state area.

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  • Decreased operating expenses by maintenance personnel.
  • Ends the tiresome job of lawn watering.
  • Customers can enjoy lush lawns and beautiful gardens without a lot of hassle.
  • Guarantees landscaping will receive regular and adequate hydration.
  • Guarantees hydration will occur at the optimal time of day for the best results.


Here are a few benefits of an Irrigation System:

  • Water waste elimination.
  • Reduction of maintenance personnel hours.
  • Saves time - the system does it automatically.
  • Saves money - the system delivers the right amount of water to the right areas.
  • Reduces weeds, pests, disease & damage to your lawn.
  • Can be programmed to run at night which will not interfere with pedestrian traffic.

This will keep your landscape beautiful and your maintenance costs down.


  • We provide state of the art equipment and installation to our customers.
  • Our irrigation systems provide timed and measured hydration.
  • All equipment we use is subjected to exhaustive testing for endurance and uniformity.