Top Quality

A beautiful lawn thrives with consistent, proper care. Having quality, top-of-the-line equipment for your irrigation system maintains a regular schedule and provides dependable care for your property.

A lawn sprinkler is only as reliable as its component parts. With this belief at the center of all our work, Automatic Irrigation Design operates a professional workshop solely for testing equipment used in our installations. All of our materials are subject to exhaustive testing for endurance and uniformity. Manufacturer’s specifications are carefully validated for accuracy, by use of hydraulic test equipment, flow meters, pressure gauges, and wind velocity meters.

Easy Installs

Our professional team can execute modifications and upgrades to your existing system with minimal disruption to your lawn and garden. Keeping your space clean, and with minor disturbance to your current landscape, is a top priority of our courteous crew, who specialize in engineering and design.

Automatic Irrigation Design’s in-ground sprinkler system installations are designed and installed to require minimal service. The normal services required, including winterizing, summerizing and occasional adjustments, will be executed by our trained, courteous service mechanics.



How can we support your irrigation system and Landscape Lighting needs?

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