Commercial Property

Automatic Irrigation Design provides state of the art equipment and installation for commercial property owners. Carefully designed by our professional, experienced planners, our commercial irrigation systems administer timed and measured hydration to commercial landscapes. Our systems maintain an attractive appearance essential to business properties, while keeping maintenance costs low.

Properties we service include:

  • Golf courses
  • Office complexes
  • Ball fields
  • Multi-home dwellings
  • Schools


Automatic Irrigation Design’s in-ground sprinkler system installations are designed and installed to require minimal service. The normal services required, including winterizing, summerizing and occasional adjustments, will be executed by our trained, courteous service mechanics.

Our custom commercial irrigation designs provide the precise amount of water required to properly sustain the root systems of your lawn and shrubs. Such nourishment makes them better able to resist weeds, pests, disease and damage.  We program our systems to water during nighttime hours, when sprinkling will not interfere with pedestrian traffic.

Other benefits include:

  • Water waste eliminated
  • Maintenance personnel hours reduced
  • Appearance elevated
  • Time investment saved

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