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Automatic Irrigation Design has installed more than 10,000 residential systems. Our installations are designed and installed to require a minimal amount of service. The normal services your system requires such as winterizing, summerizing, and occasional adjustments are performed by trained courteous service mechanics.


For the homeowner, an irrigation system means ending forever the tiresome job of lawn watering while continuing to enjoy lush lawns and beautiful gardens. Custom designed in-ground lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems guarantee that your landscaping will receive regular and adequate hydration at the optimal time of day for the best results. A well cared for lawn and garden with the correct irrigation design in place will have a well nourished root system and will be better equipped to handle weeds, pests, disease and damage keeping your landscape beautiful and your maintenance costs down.


Automatic Irrigation Design considers conservation and economy in the design and installation of your in-ground irrigation system. We design with careful attention to eliminating water waste and over watering. You are assured that your lawn and garden's watering needs have been efficiently provided for.

Added Value

An in-ground irrigation system not only offers convenience and beauty but, like any permanent improvement, will add appreciably to the value of your home, while enhancing the beauty of your lawn and garden.