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As concerned citizens, we are all interested in the role we can play in conserving water. For your Automatic Irrigation System there is now a product available which conserves water and saves money, the SmartLine weather clock and sensor.

SmartLine Rain Sensors

  • Sprinklers only run when landscape needs water.
  • Lowers water costs
  • Saves thousands of gallons
  • Healthier lawn & landscapes
  • Totally automatic
  • Pays for itself in 12 months

Most water districts already require this type of device on automatic lawn sprinkler systems and it is believed that other water districts will follow suit.

Remote Controls

For those interested in gadgets, Automatic Irrigation Design installs a remote control transmitter. With a touch of a button your sprinkler can be turned on up to 200 feet away from your master station. You can turn each zone on individually or all zones at the same time. This unit will also set your watering time.