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Automatic Irrigation Design provides state of the art equipment and installation for commercial property owners. Carefully designed by our professional and experienced planners and installers our commercial irrigation systems provide timed and measured hydration to the commercial landscape creating the attractive and professional appearance so important to businesses while keeping maintenance costs low.


Our commercial in-ground lawn sprinkler systems start paying for themselves from the first day. Water waste is eliminated, maintenance personnel hours reduced, customer impression increased, and time saved are just a few of the benefits of a custom irrigation system.


Our in-ground sprinkler system installations are designed and installed to require a minimal amount of service. The normal services your system requires such as winterizing, summerizing, and occasional adjustments are performed by trained courteous service mechanics.

Conservation & Care

Our custom Commercial Irrigation Designs will provide the precise amount of water required for your lawn and shrub areas providing the proper nourishment for the root systems making them better able to resist weeds, pests, disease and damage. The Automatic Controller is programmed to water during nighttime hours when sprinkling will not interfere with pedestrian traffic.